A few days ago, I saw the big cousin Liu Wen went on vacation. The scenery is very fresh. What attracted me was her bag. The bucket shape, metal ring, gold print, which is from the Chloe 2018 early autumn Roy Bucket series handbags.

This series has been chosen by many girls as the It Bag. Partners who are familiar with chole know that the brand has always use girl’s standard to name the bag. While this Roy seems unsex and handsome. As Natacha Ramsay–Levi took over Chloe’s first time of new season reflecting a refreshing feeling.

Unique design
Bucket bag is very cute. The thin line on the front of the bag which is combined with the metal dots on both sides of the Chloe logo likes a cute smile saying hello. You can also call it “smile bag”.

The bag is not big, but it combines so many different materials such as leather, canvas and metal. However, the overall look is very balanced. And the bag is not very heavy. Even if with the item, it is still effortless to pick it up.

Exquisite appearance
the metal decoration is easy to create a tough and handsome shape. Metal rings on both sides are chloe’s iconic design. The faye and nile have a ring or a circular design.

The bag has different styles: solid color, embroidered, embossed, spliced, rhombic (checkered with rivets one by one, the grid is tough and refined). No matter which one, it gives a young, unrestrained feeling.

The square design of the bottom of the bag makes the bag more pliable and does not have a bloated feeling.

The wide shoulder strap is practical and stylish. The canvas material is softer and comfortable. Of course, you can also lie on your hands, playful and cute.

Material, internal structure and size
The internal is made of canvas which is easy to use and more convenient than leather drawstring closures. Comparing the outer cortex, it seems that technique is particularly good. Moreover, leather with canvas are chic and stylish.

In addition, canvas bag also has the practical design. Generally speaking, leather bags should be used with extreme care to avoid scratching and abrasion. And this kind of worry is really superfluous for the canvas bag.

The inner pocket is intimate and has a side pocket that is not very common in the bucket bag which can facilitate the discharge of things.

Size: Mini 17*20*7.5cm, Small 24*28*4cm.

Sum up
Relatively speaking, Chloe Roy Bucket is the cutest one in the Roy series. It is more suitable for young girls, while it is not the kind of special loli pink, but a very refreshing and comfortable girl.