Faye first appeared at Chloe’s Spring/Summer show in 2015, initially with only one-room style, two Sizes, a medium and a small size. The size of the medium is: 32 cm high, 26 cm wide, 4 cm deep, strap length 36cm-45cm. Faye  is a French name, converted from Fairy to a trusted one.

Like Chloe’s original Faye bag, it gives a stylish, sexy feel to be trusted.The signature chain-chain ring buckle design on the front of the bag has brought a very strong ring trend in the fashion world. After Faye’s fire, we could see that many of the bags also had metal rings on them.

Faye’s bag is very well matched, it has a 70s bohemian retro style feel, but it’s also very airy, sprinkling, even if it’s usually dressed cool girls to use is also very suitable.

In addition to the original basic black, gray, brown three colors, Chloe later each season launched a specially designed Faye, Chloe leather stitching and design power to the extreme.The base leather is only a stitching of calf skin and calf leather. There are two compartments inside the bag, which is suitable for putting some larger objects.

The use is very wide, very suitable for commuting leisure travel street beat feel is a can show temperament but also not lose the playful lovely style style you are suitable to have.