The first fragrance of the Yi Group, the eponymous lady’s fragrance, launched in 1975, is still a standout for women’s fragrances. Unlike the fruity fragrances of the mainstream market, chloe perfumes mostly take the rose aroma as the tone, and make a unique exotic fragrance, depicting the modern feminine fashion, independent character characteristics. Today, I’ll introduce you to some distinctive chloe perfumes.

Chloe is one of the first women’s fragrances introduced by the Yi Group, a dewy fragrance that exudes the fragrance of white roses. The foretones of the perfume are bergamot, lemon and magnolia, which taste sour and sweet and fragrant; the midtone contains the ingredients of hazelnut and rose buds, which are a gentle and elegant taste; and the tail tone is made up of cotton and musk, which smells very clean. Overall, it’s a very feminine floral flavor, and thanks to the addition of roses and cotton, its aroma is warmer and deeper, reassuring and enjoyable, and suitable for gentle and intellectual women.

Chloe Eau de Parfum is an oriental floral fragrance that went on sale in 2008. The front tone of this perfume consists of peonies, lychees and small herons; the midtones contain roses, bellorchids and jasmines; and the tail tones transition to amber and cedar. It’s a fresh and seductive, self-contained scent that smells like a bunch of flowers, pleasant and harmless, and is suitable for every occasion.

Chloe Love Eau Florale is a woody floral fragrance that begins with an irresistible sweet pea flower; the core is the fragrance of green tea; and ends with the flavor of musk and grease powder. This fragrance brings a spring-like feel to the air in the valley, perfect for lively and romantic girls.Chloe Nomade is the latest sipu fragrance from the Yini Group in 2018, with a front tone consisting of plums, lemons and oranges; This fragrance represents a reinterpretation of the modern style and rose aroma, giving a sense of pure nature that evokes a bold and adventurous side of women.

Each chloe perfume has its own unique charm, just as every woman has a distinctive atmosphere. Several of the perfumes described above are the most representative products of the Yi Group, and girls interested in this brand of perfume can be selected according to their own characteristics. Finally, I hope you can have your favorite perfume anytime, anywhere.