Chloe’s Aby lock bag, which only went on sale in July, was popular with many as soon as it was launched, following the 2006 release of the Paddington lock bag, a stylish, smooth-line Aby lock bag family that was discussed after the first exposure of the Autumn/Winter show at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year.

Aby Lock has also officially announced its debut, hailed as the most anticipated topic in fashion this year.Aby Lock continues the classic lock design of Paddington Bag in 2006 and presents a sophisticated bag in a humorous and fun way, a veritable ” The lock bag is shaped like a lock head, the bottom of the bag is also carefully printed with keyholes, metal lift is full of weight, side gold chain string gold key pendant, as if can open the meaning of the Aby Lock lock, there are side hanging feather decoration style.

ly, Chloe’s Aby Lock, in addition to using leather, including crocodile skin embossed, lizard skin embossed, etc. to show texture, but also printed Mercedes horse print velvet, in the area of Chloe gold words are distinguished by different colors of leather, with a stitching feel to complete Chloe (Chloe) AbyLock’s body.

And the long-awaited Chloe Aby Lock is finally on the market through Chloe’s autumn/winter image ad, which was specially selected for shoots in the Highlands to show a return to love, passion and commitment, and this is the concept of a return to love, passion and commitment, which is also the concept of Natacha, creative director of Chlo?.
Ramsay-Levy’s constant exploration of the mind this season, from the intimate landscape of the heart to the bright and rugged backdrop, is an exploration of the elements of nature, equestrianism and navy in lightness and charm.