Chloé ABY lock BAG fashion show

I don’t know if you still remember, Chloé used to have a very special and explosive lock bag called Chloé Paddington. Its large front lock and key are the most striking features of this bag.Chloé Paddington bag

Maybe this bag is a bit strange to many girls around 23, but the popularity of it when it was first launched is definitely unparalleled in the fashion world!Chloé Paddington bag star

According to Vogue, when the bag was launched in 2005, 8,000 lock bags were sold out without being on the shelves… Paddington can be said to be Chloé and even the first It bag in the fashion world. It is also the name of the It bag from the beginning of this handbag.Chloé Aby lock bags

Many people think that this bag that is so important in the history of fashion really should return! Seriously, I really didn’t expect to have such a day, the lock bag really returned! And it’s all back in such a wonderful design! Yes, this is a super cute Aby Lock! Because I really have deep feelings about the lock bag, and the new Aby Lock is really tempting!

Chloé Aby Lock bag is a flip-top bag with a rounded body and a metal handle that looks like a magnified version of Paddington’s signature lock, which is especially cute. This bag first appeared on the Chloé 2019 Fall-Winter show.Chloé ABY lock design

Feather accessories and small keys hanging on the handle will shake with the pace of the model walking, exquisite and smart, is the most eye-catching part of the bag, making people can not help but stare!Chloé ABY lock detail

Aby Lock is small in size, temperament is literary-ish, but not dull at all. Although small, the details of the implementation are not at all sloppy. Since the shape is a lock, there is really a keyhole at the bottom of this bag! This kind of dreamy and meticulous detail processing will make people happy and fancy it instantly.

As one of my favorite packages in the near future, Chloé Aby Lock is not only very amazing but also very practical! The Aby Lock that first appeared on the show was actually very small, and the actual size was slightly larger. But it’s not too big, still the size of the hottest mini bag, small and exquisite. The capacity is not big, but you can put down the iPhone X, a lipstick, and card package to go out!Chloé Aby lock chain

This bag also has a gold chain, which has the same sense of exquisiteness as the most popular Chloé Drew bag chain. It is like a decorative necklace when wearing it as a shoulder bag.Chloé Aby lock use

Because of the design of the metal handle + chain, Aby Lock can be carried in various ways. The most basic shoulders, crossbody, and hand-held are all available!Chloé Aby lock in side

Moreover, the chain of this bag can be easily put into the bag. The link between the chain and the body is inside the bag, so when being hand-carried, no end of any chain will be exposed.Chloé Aby lock handbag

I personally like the way the little lock bag is hand-carried, being awkward, casual and fashionable. What about you.