When the Drew was born, it quickly became popular around the world. Soon it occupied the champion position of the street style. Everyone was lost by its cute and round shape. Nowadays it has become a classic bag of the Chloe family.

So the newly appointed Chloe Creative Director Natacha Ramsay-Lévi also did not forget this bag upgrading it as the main flag of the first series, which also pays tribute to the creative director.

Innovation in heritage

The Drew Bijou bags don’t have many changes in the shape, but the details are more refined. For example, the quilting process is used to make the surface of the bag uneven and more textured. Combined with the uniform pattern, the smooth lines  make the hand feel more feminine revealing the low-key elegance.

Drew, who had been consistently criticized, had a thin and heavy chain that had changed a lot in the new model. The O-rings are interlocked to increase the decorative elegance of the bag. Moreover, the chain connected in series is relatively thick. And on the basis of maintaining Drew’s original style enhancing the sense of beauty and comfort. Due to the limited length, it can only be placed on the arm or wrapped around the hand (the metal chain is inspired by the jewelry necklace, the work is very delicate). However, the creative director intimately added a leather shoulder strap to Drew Bijou that can comfortably use.

Drew Bijou has introduced a bright patent leather style that has never been seen in this collection, which is more beautiful and lively than lambskin and calfskin. There is also a rare leather, just to provide a better experience. At the same time, Drew Bigou also introduces a splicing style with a strong metal chain reflecting more modern.

It uses more mature colors, which can better reflect the identity of the bag. In addition to the novel design, the print adds a mystery to the bag. The gold or silver chain can meet the different needs of customers.

Compared to the popular red Drew Bijou,  the supermodels, takes the others Drew Bijou, which are equally eye-catching.

Fashion-stars and celebrities also took Drew Bijou

Detail analysis

Drew Bijou Features

Continuing the design of the Drew, so there are several ways to employ this bag: carrying, on shoulder, on arm, and of course it can hold at hand. There is a long shoulder strap that is detachable and perfect for casual wear.

Celebrities with Drew Bijou

Size comparison:


Chain length :15cm

Strap length (Min):55cm

Strap length(Max):60cm


Chain length :19cm

Strap length (Min):52cm

Strap length(Max):59cm

After the big show, the new creative director Natacha Ramsay-Lévi.      

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