The blogger recently liked the spy-type movie, and review the series of “007” again. The exquisite craftsmanship of the first three movies made blogger spending the afternoon in a tense atmosphere. However, the last “007: Ghost Party” is very suitable for watching before going to bed, which is easy and comfortable. Adding to the lengthy haul of the plot, it will let you enter the dream quickly.
In addition to the episodes of 007 series : gun battles, luxury cars, yachts, snow battles, advanced equipment designed by the military Q and exotic style, this movie isn’t worth to spare hours to watch it except the strong sense of the picture.
There are a lot of attractive items in this movie. The blogger takes a picture out: in this scene, the girl Lea Seydoux carries a bag of the same color as the background. Under the wind blowing, following the flying hair, the decoration at the bottom of the bag is also swaying, which is very beautiful. In such a dangerous scene, the heroine’s unforgettable carry-on bag is definitely not a normal thing. So blogger has a gossip: Chloe classic Marcie handbags that is a retro-inspired bag.
In recent years, small bags have become popular, and chole has also launched a number of mini-type bags to decorate the fashion of the girls. This small Marcie is really the king of price/performance among bags.
Advantages: light and compact, self-weight is not heavy, can be diagonally across the shoulder, with a girly sense, especially suitable for soft sisters.
Disadvantages: The blogger has not found it yet.
This bag is an essential match in each season.
Made of calfskin, the surface of the bag has a clear grainy texture, which is soft to the touch. The flap design with a wraparound double zippers closure gives the owner a wider viewing easily take items. The inner has a waterproof layer. Although the bag is small, the capacity can basically meet the needs of the weekday ( phone, wallet, paper towel ,keys can be accommodated).
The shoulder strap is fixed by four leather rings around the bag-body (double on the bottom and one on each side).
This is very low-key bag, except for the Chloe logo on the zipper and the bottom of the flap, which is hard to find it without looking close. There is none decorations on the bag.
Chloe’s small Marcie bag also has two styles, the cover and the body are fixed by a horsebit not a metal zipper clause.
This style is common ti girls and the color is more than one choice: pink, yellow, blue, brown, light gray and so on. Among many colors, chocolate-like dark brown is the most popular, which has the most retro style .