If you still don’t know how to catch the trend in 2019, it is necessary to look at this article. Then you are the most awkward girl on the street.

The interpretation of Chloé 2019 Spring and Summer Show

Theme of Chloé 2019 SS — Modern Hippies
For Chloé 2019 spring and summer show, Natacha Ramsay-Levi explores the bohemian style from a modern aesthetic perspective, In addition to the sloping dress, the rear apron-style waist ornament, tassels, as well as the separation of the sleeves and the trousers are designed to enhance the sense of elegance.

Gentle and worm color
A woman with a free spirit will make the life as an art: Orange, almond, leather brown, olive brown, almond, sand, pink, in the context of a color gradient, it has become a symbol of the sacred female with rich meaning.

Suitable silhouette
An apron belt with a printed silk scarf and the fabric dances with the wind add a relaxed holiday style for people. The armbands, bracelets, ankle rings, rings, earrings and other decorative accessories add a sense of mystery to the casual look while enriching the visual level. NRL uses neutral accessories to balance the silky skirts and express the individuality of women. Soft and smooth curves and dyed with distinct levels of detail pour the innate tenderness of women, witnessing the modern attitude of simplicity with a simple style.

Exaggerated pattern
Based on Greek long skirts and sandals, the designer emphasized the ethnic style printing, especially the Chinese ceramic pattern, the Persian carpet pattern, and the Indian paisley pattern, which pushed the multicultural atmosphere to a climax. These patterns are presented in large flowers and colorful colors. The various elements are spliced together. The exotic romantic style and the hip-hop wanderers combine to create a different visual feast.

Comfortable fabric
This season, Chloé uses a large number of light and comfortable fabrics, such as silk, yarn tie-dye, linen and tulle are stacked on each other, showing a rich and strong texture with oblique cuts and wraps. The colors are also gradually dissipated and the visual effects are full and full. Soft knit fabric for a glimpse of sensuality.

Exquisite details and unique accessories
Designers of Chloé use tassels, prints, knots and other hippie elements with anti-traditional culture and reinventing meaning, combining the modern and original beauty. Inspired by the robes of the Greek goddess, it perfectly expresses the feminine qualities of women, the soft tulle texture, and the inexhaustible gentle elegance.

The new handbags in this season are quite exquisite. “Tess” handbags this season launched a style of inkjet-style suede. Chloé’s new “C” handbag is presented in a functional style with square and patch stitching, color gradients and other elements, making it even more style.