The fashion insider of every fashionista always features personal favorite and favorite items. It is especially important to note that with the arrival of the new season, each season chooses different clothing combinations and popular colors. For example, in the spring of 2019, the fashion insider will choose a soft tone and light fabric with a spring atmosphere to catch the step of the beautiful and modern.

It is fashionable jeans, feminine dresses, chic overalls and trouser suits, which will be fashionable items for the spring and summer of 2019-2020. The spring with trend colors will be: red, black, and beige, making you look irresistible in the spring. Spring clothes highlight the bright neon tone, which will be fashionable.

The colorful spring for lovely girls
Red in Spring
The red appearance of spring: spring coat, turtleneck sweater, red slacks, red glasses. This color always shows the energy and friendship with other people.

Beige in Spring
The nude tones show the beautiful spring. Beige trousers and nude windbreakers reflect the whims of spring and become the fashion of spring. And with this tone, the lovely girls seem more calm and cute.

Black in Spring
In the spring of 2019-2020, black is especially valued, and a beautiful black suit or jumpsuit, dress with black accessories will be a great choice. With this color, businesswomen will be smart and reflect on the companies.

Bright colors or stylish prints, animal prints, and stripes will be a fashion element. For the spring with patterned dresses, the exquisite Burberry Trench coat in comfortable nude color, perfect cover the bad weather, at the same time, it can make you beautiful.
All business ladies will choose trouser suits, beautiful trousers, shirts, and business spring dresses to showcase elegant and charm.

2019-2020 spring dress decoration is frilled, ruffled, bow, lace. Stylish spring dress with sequins, feathers, tassels, floral motifs,  and polka dots.
Designers have not forgotten the fashionable jeans, which can easily and effectively blend into any image of spring.
Sporty jumpsuits will also be the first choice for the spring new generation

Fashion matching photo collection

Good-looking clothes still need a beautiful bag to embellish, Chloé C bag will be your most intimate partner in the spring of 2019.

It is a good season for dating with the spring blossoms. To share with you the girls’ wear, it is inevitable to give men some advice. It is said that the guy who wears clothes is really fascinating. Of course, for boys, being clean and neat is the most touching thing.

Tip1, color in the dark blue, white, gray, beige, are more texture, which is what we often say Morandi color.

Tips2, stripes, and plaid elements are also very good choices.