For women, a suitable bag is an essential decoration for daily life. Especially for business people, the demand for bags is greater, and the requirements are more. In addition to simple and stylish appearance, large capacity is more important. Especially in autumn and winter, after all, with the weather changes, there are so many things need to carry. Shopping bags come in handy.

Although the capacity can meet the daily needs, it still takes some thoughts to match. After all, not everyone is suitable for this kind of bag. Anyway, bloggers can only suitable for small sizes (forgive poor bloggers without big legs).

attractive woman holding color shopping bags in mall

Color matching is the key
A shopping bag wants to match the desired effect, in addition to its own conditions (the height is best not to be less than 165cm, of course, the body shape can not be obese, the weight is maintained at around 55kg is the best), the coordination of clothing color is also very important. Most of the clothes for the autumn and winter seasons are mostly cold-color, such as gray, black, dark blue and brown.
At this time, if you match a cold-colored bag, you will not be able to display the features. You need a gentle warm-toned bag to combine to make the overall look harmonious. In general, brown, red and bright yellow are good choices.

Chloe Milo leather bag in different colors

The design of the bag is highlight
A bag that wants to capture the consumer’s interest requires a unique design in addition to the beautiful colors. This is not only the design of the style, but also the decorative design of the bag itself.
For example: stitching, tassel decoration, hollowing out, flip cover and other more distinctive decorations. And this also provides consumers with more choices. Ypeople can better choose the bag that suits themselves, making the every day in one very beautiful way.

Chloe Milo hollow leather bag
Chloe Milo leather bag
Chloe Milo stitching leather bag
Chloe Milo wool leather bag

The last thing to consider is the brand
Of course, for fans who have always loved one brand, this seems to be no longer worth considering. After all, truth love is the most important thing. Most consumers are still very influenced by the brand’s appeal. Choosing a top brand on the It Bag list is also a good choice.

The tough and large-capacity Chloe Milo bag enhances the popularity with the caramel color of the dessert! The size of this Tote bag as a commute is 34 x 30 x 15 cm. The zippers on both sides are tied up to 8 rings. This simple and romantic design has a good mood whether you have a hand or a shoulder!