The new generation of Chloe has inner strength, especially from the new package. Roy was first met from the spring and summer of 2018, just adding a little more cool, free in the romantic feminine style and more in line with the definition of women in the new era. Roy is a masculine name, but it is also suitable for girls! What I want to introduce to people today is a variety bag, which has the army belongs to a bag. No matter merging or separating, it is a new showing.

The Roy collection has different styles. Double Clutch has double bags design, as well as Medium Clutch and Mini Clutch has single bag design. Each style has a different leather, texture and color to meet the needs of different consumers. Roy Clutch has two shoulder straps, one is the same as the Roy Bag, and this leather strap is thinner. Roy Clutch is a more artistic beauty, which has a metal chain in addition to the mini. The other shoulder strap is the design of the canvas connecting chain, adding a handsome look to the bag. Although there are many metal parts, it still gives a very gentle feeling.

Medium Clutch Single Bag

Double Clutch Double Bags

Mini Clutch Single Bag

The Roy Double Clutch, made up of two small clutch links, has a more special look. It is to say that the color of Double Clutch is really good! The light yellow is a little more beautiful, while the wine red is retro. Trendy girls of different styles estimate that they can find the one that suits their style of dress.

Double Clutch is smaller than Medium Clutch, but it can still be put into Iphone Plus. The lower two sides of the bag are connected by a gold metal ring and can be taken apart. The separated Double Clutch becomes a two-color handbag that can be used separately. There is a feeling of buying a bag and getting three bags.

Roy Medium Clutch is a single bag with the larger body, a zipper and an outer pocket on the front. Medium Clutch is very nice on back or in hand. Even if it is black, because of the design of the matte metal rods on both sides of the bag, it is also a very literary effect. Especially if it has a circular arc stitch pattern, the bag will be more special.

The size of the Roy Mini Clutch is 21*14.5cm (8.3”*5.7”). This bag can be used as a handbag or evening bag. Of course, with gold chain, it can be a shoulder bag. Though it is easy to use, the chain is not as comfortable as a leather strap.