Chloé 2019 Spring and Summer Show brings a visual feast of fresh and natural scenery to the audience. Whether it’s a nude color commuter or a romantic flower vacation, it’s awesome. While enjoying the brand culture, appreciate the harmony and beauty of nature.

Chloé 2019 Spring Summer Show

Chloé gives advice on modern girls’ skirts
1. Pay attention to the same color system
The most important thing in the fashion world is the color combination. No matter how high the value is, the wrong color is the spicy eyes! In everyday colors, it is best to choose a warm color combination. As for purple and green, it is generally not used as a daily color.

2. Don’t choose the too complicated texture
Some girls like to mix and match clothes, but there are many techniques for matching. For example, brightly colored skirts and tops should not be too complicated.
Elegant skirts can make you feel attractive. Of course, Chloé Tess bag is also an indispensable piece that makes your trip easy and stylish.

Chloé’s new TESS handbags follow the fresh interpretations of the stars, and first explore the contemporary style of Chloé girls! Chloé Tess is roughly the same shape as Drew and is a saddle bag, but Tess has more girlish feelings.

Chloé Tess with a minimalist contemporary art style to define the contours, the creative collision brand contains profound classical elements creates a new style, exploring the contemporary style of Chloé girls.
Inspired by the letter “O” in Chloe, the golden ring is also a recognizable symbol of Chloé, which symbolizes the inner strength of women’s infinite extension.

The versatile charm of Chloé handbags has always been loved by women. It can be computed, leisurely, street, and worn. It can be hanged naturally, or it can be slanted, or long shoulder straps and short shoulder straps. Alternate shoulders.
The simple minimalist geometric contours of the Chloé Tess handbags showcase the elegance and modernity of modern women. The original style is very retro and literary, which is stylish and versatile. The light buckles are elegant.

From the simple versatility of Chloé’s founding to the modern retro, Chloé always insists on showing the girl’s natural personality. After Drew’s piglet bag, Chloe has also played a role in the “explosive manufacturing” level and has exploded in recent seasons. This textured little ring is also worth a lot of accessories in this year.

Tess’s color scheme is very rich, and it is very suitable for women with a stylish personality. My favorite color is the best elephant gray.

Liu Wen uses a Chloe-style dress of the same color to interpret it. It looks like a fairy and a neighbor. It is worth mentioning that Tess’s advertising blockbuster is also the interpretation by Liu Wen, showing the female’s temperament everywhere.