Chloe’s bag has always been a brand that I always pay attention every season, because I think Chloe is the kind of girl who is a little well-born, adventurous and unconstrained by the world.

Especially this Faye bag which is mostly designed with chamois leather and cowhide slicing, the color is also changed a lot. You can choose the material and color to collide with each other which is very unique and unique. What’s more, it has a three-layer accordion design on the side, even if there is a lot of things in the middle layer, the surface still looks flat. The ring and metal chain are the signature design of this series which is derived from the equestrian movement. As they are made of brass and silver, so the color is light gold which is very textured.

The view that the Faye bag is so popular, then we need to master the method of authenticating the bag, in order to buy a genuine beauty package.

Identification point 1: material and technique
Faye bag is generally made up of smooth calfskin and chamois leather. When the grain of the leather is sanded, this process will give the surface of the first layer of leather a special texture called “sue suede” or “velvet leather”. This fabric is more delicate, especially the color.

Identification point 2: suture and metal parts
There is a line under the front of the Faye bag “Chloe” logo. The stitches are very deep and the “Chloe” stamp is very clear. For the ring and metal chain are made of brass and silver which is very weighty, therefor the color is light gold. All elements of the bag are very beautiful and textured.

Identification point 3: fine details
From the side, Faye looks like an organ. When not loaded, this design can be flattened making it easy to store. The oil is hand-painted by the craftsman which is exquisite and beautiful.

Identification point 4: internal coding logo
The inner engraving of the real package is clear and the code is usually on a separate leather card;
What we need to pay special attention is the logo of the “Chloe” logo:
1.The ends of Chloe’s “C” are almost in a vertical line;
2. The left end of the letter “h” is shaped like the letter L;
3. The dot symbols above the letter “e” is infinitely close but do not intersect at the following”e”.

Identification point 5: laser mark and identity card
The laser markings on the inside of the package and the laser marking number on the ID card should be the same!

In addition, the Chloe and the border in the lower left corner of this identity card are also the key. When under the magnifying glass, it should be all virtual, no pure black, pure black are fake!