Summer is the season when jewelry is most needed. If a bag is both functional and decorative, how popular it will be. Revealed a trace of French elegant, Chloé Nile bracelet bag is the bag that you need.

Chloe aims to create a French-style minimalist style for girl. Just as its brand founder Gaby Aghion puts it: “I can’t say that Chloé is somebody. But she must be a typical Parisian woman”. The classical Chloé Nile bracelet bag won’t despair your.

This small semi-circular handbag is very popular with its unique shape. The ratio of handle and bag body is close to 1 : 1. It is very comfortable whether it is in your hand or holding by hand. Metal handle is inlaid with two semi-circles and is simple and beautiful. More specifically, the suede-stitched bag has a stud on the bottom where you can hang your favorite little things. It can be an abbreviation of your name, or it can be your favorite pattern. While adding fun, brand your bag with your own brand.

All kinds of leather bag body and golden rings with golden decorations are absolutely perfect. This also makes it a necessary product for daily life. And just in terms of size, it is easy to carry. At the same time, it is suitable for small girls. This package will adds personality and fashion to refined life.

The chloé nile bracelet bag is fresh, natural and stylish. In summer, whether with trousers or skirts, it can show a unique feeling. Mixing of different materials is surprisingly harmonious. Even inadvertently, you can add points to your fashion. It is the first choice for the Street Style.

In addition to the semi-circular shape of the metal ring package, horseshoe-shaped bag type is also good. The special design is the best partner of summer, and the romance is full of avant-garde fashion.

This saddle bag is relatively large and more practical. When you slant it, the ring pulled, and the metallic ring lining the bag is exceptionally bright. However, it is also possible to use metal handles as jewelry, and palm passes through the ring to hold the bag body. This method is also very stylish. Like Emma Roberts.

This metal ring bag has been active in fashion circles since the spring/summer 2017 Paris Fashion Week, and it is even hot in 2018. It’s so cute and lovely when shoot a glance, and I think it would be a shame if people without wear it. With its unique design and sophisticated look, this bag has become a must-have for many street shooters. As you are still young, why not try the different styles to enjoy yourselves. Of course, chloé will bring you a different outfit experience.