If you want to select the hottest “It bag” in recent years, you must vote for Chloe’s Drew. The famous name–“piglet bag” and chic charm can sweep the fashion circle. It’s worth every girl!

The Origin of “Piglet Bag”

Chloé Drew Bag, because of the pronunciation of Drew [dru:], was called by the girls as a “Piglet Bag.” The popularity of Chloe’s “Piglet Bag” announced that it was an era of survival by selling. New style saddle shape makes the bag body rounded. And the top two metal rings are designed to resemble piglets’ ears, yet they are cute and elegant. Chloe Drew Bag has become the “new darling” of celebrities.
Star Power Blessing

The powerful charm of the Chloé Drew Bag made the actress addicting, and it is one of the big shots of the street shooters. The Chole Drew bag can also emit unique glamorous brilliance on people of different temperaments.

Liu Wen, Supermodel

Xi Meng Yao Victoria’s Secret Angels

Olivia Palermo

Blake Lively

Stylish and beautiful design

Different from the traditional square shape of other shoulder bags, the saddle of Chloé Drew Bag is exquisite and modern with the rounded and elegant lines. The elegant spin lock system is designed and the chain shoulder straps are perfectly and harmoniously knotted on the horseshoe axis. In addition, many people have not noticed the mystery of buckle. Chloe actually designs two versions: the vertical and horizontal, and everyone can choose according to their own preferences.

Chloé Drew can be found in five different sizes: nano, mini, small, regular and medium. Below, you will have a full grasp of the respective dimensions of the nano, mini and regular—all available at Reebonz!

Chloé Nano Drew
– Width: 5.9″ / 15 cm
– Height: 5.1″ / 13 cm
– Depth: 2.6″ / 6.5 cm
– Strap length: 22″ / 56 cm
Chloé Mini Drew
– Width: 7.9” / 20 cm
– Height: 7.1” / 18 cm
– Depth: 2.8” / 7 cm
– Strap length: 22” / 56 cm
Chloé Drew (Regular)
– Width: 9.3″ / 23.5 cm
– Height: 8.3″ / 21 cm
– Depth: 3.1″ / 8 cm
– Strap length: 20.5″ / 52 cm

If only from the function view of the analysis, I still prefer the Chloé Mini Drew,
Although it is a little small, the inner layer is simple. So the space can be mostly use, and the basic needs can still be satisfied: mobile phones, wallets, charging treasures, lipsticks, perfumes, etc. The necessary portable items can be stored in the Mini Drew bag. The Chloé Drew Bag expresses the versatility of the girl. Why not to choose one.